Goodbye Lincoln

20 JULY 2015

Ah, it's been such a great year with my roommates Abi, Aaron and Deen. I honestly couldn't have wished for any other flatmates than them. We used to explore the city and climb over the walls of bishop's garden, next to the Lincoln Cathedral. It was no more than a ruin and we were all by ourselves. The place overlooks the city and no one could see us. We held picknicks and occasionally did homework there in the summer. In the evening we would all gather for tea to debate life. Those would often lead to heated discussions.

As a member of two field hockey clubs, Lincoln Roses and the University of Lincoln Hockey Club, I spent most of my free time with either of them. The University team played on Wednesday and in the same evening gather its association in a local pub named Varsity (as in the image on top of this page). There we would announce the best and worst players of the week according to our club ritual.

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