My last week in San Francisco

12 JANUARY 2016

After graduating at the University of Lincoln I applied for one of the best New Media Universities in the world: the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, and got accepted. This is where my years of hard work have led to. I've made many friends from Philippines, India, China, the Netherlands and of course America.

Studying on-site was quite tough, I would spend all my time in classes and studying. And since everyone was following the same routine, it made it quite hard to socialise whenever I had a day off. Because then everyone else would be studying. But fortunately I did make a lot of friends and spent time with them exercising (running/hockey) or having fun.

I've studied on-site in the city of San Francisco for a year, but left due to (extremely) high living costs. Continuing the course online made it easy for me to move back home. Also my American study visum wouldn't allow me to work there, so moving back home had its perks.

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