Wissel Gift Cards

About the project
Wissel.nl is a new startup. They offer a secure and quick initiative to trade in your unwanted giftcards for cash. All traded giftcards appear in their web shop with appealing discounts. You can for example, buy iTunes or Play Store gift cards between 8% to 20% of its value.
I worked on the entire branding for this project. The website is based on the Shopify CMS and is Designed and partially coded by me. Business cards and flyers include some of my several tasks.

online flexibility

Costumers who buy a giftcard, instantly receive their card number with safety code through email. These cards can then be used directly for online use. People want to buy online content on-the-go. It's important that they can purchase these contents in their spare time or perhaps abroad.
We translated the Wissel.nl website to mobile. Now, people can buy giftcards wherever they are. You can now walk anywhere in the world and buy App Store credit without being restricted to foreign currencies.

"wissel wagentje"

Wissel.nl makes active use of their business car. Mainly for promotional use (handing out flyers) and visiting business contacts. They also offer a service to collect valuable giftcards that customers are afraid of to send through the mail.
Apart from its visual appeal, I'm extremely satisfied with the slogan on the side because of its readability. There's a lot of text, but it reads easily. The car has already attracted two known customers in the first two weeks.

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